Ozlem Akin is an artist and filmmaker from Turkey, but she is living in the Czech republic since 2008. She finished her film studies in Istanbul with her award winning first puppet animation film „Gemeinschaft and moved to Zlin, Czech Republic to study traditional animation. She started making puppets and dolls during her animation studies, developing similar techniques she uses for making stop motion puppets. Storytelling being her passion, she’s been exploring and experimenting with new mediums and materials but she keeps coming back to sculpture and surreal worlds.
As well as making sculptures, films, puppets and dolls, she’s also teaching doll / puppet making and animation in various workshops.

Ciara Nolan is a contemporary visual artist and Animator currently based in Dublin City. Originally from Galway she completed her B.A. in Sculpture and Combined Media in Limerick School of Art and Design in 2013. She then received her MA in Animation from Edinburgh College of Art. Since then she has been selected for numerous exhibitions across Ireland and works as a freelance stop motion and 2D animator. Her work is an emotional response to everyday life.

India Dewar lives and works in London, her work deals with the aesthetic and poetic dimensions of science. ‘The heart is an efficient, never ceasing pump. From the moment of development to the moment of death, the heart pumps.’
The work brings to our attention how disconnected humans are from their bodies and organs. Far from using ‘Vanitas’ to point out the transient nature and fragility of the human condition and to incite humility, this piece celebrates the relentless muscular power of the heart.

I am an object maker/installation artist and experimental film maker. The focus of my work is to create pieces that reflect my fascination with the phenomenon of nostalgia which can elicit emotions ranging from romanticism to dark melancholy. I think of my artworks as ‘souvenirs’ from my life and I like to make work that is both playful and entertaining to an audience.

I graduated in 2004 and since then have developed my practice and shown both nationally and internationally. I have been commissioned to create new works for The New Generation Arts Festival and for Open Spaces, Open Places. I have been awarded funding from The Arts Council for multi disciplinary projects such as Cheapside Show, Open for Business and Unnatural Selection ( a residency at The Rea Garden) and in 2010 I exhibited in a major show alongside Martin Creed and Carl Andre.

Štěpánka Jislová is a Czech illustrator and comics artist. Born in 1992, she resides in Prague and has successfully finished her degree at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art.
She has published her short comics stories in various Czech (Aargh!, Caves, Bubblegun, Xerox) and foreign (Bobla, Dirty Diamonds, CBA) magazines. Her comics story The Tree was awarded first prize in 2013 edition of CZ.KOMIKS. She participated in the comics symposium The Superheroes of Eastern Bloc (2015) and was awarded a Californian residency in Wilkinson College as a part of Getting to know Europe grant.
She has published two stand-alone albums so far. In 2016, graphic novel analyzing Czechoslovakian history before the Second World War – How Beneš yielded to Hitler and in 2017, based on her own original script, a dystopian story called The Holy Heart Abbey.
She’s a co-founder of the Czech branch of Laydeez do comics, an international organization that promotes female comics artists and their work.

Graduated at VŠVU v Bratislave, Department of Graphics and Illustration, furthermore, Miloš Kopták graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Mulhouse, Saint Etienne and Paris.

In his work he often switches between drawing, painting, collage, objects and illustration. For his work, it is typical to have an experimental approach, overlapping of styles and negation of stereotypical procedures. An extensive part of his work deals with paper and papercrafts.
He works intensely as a book illustrator, works with domestic and foreign publishers. (GRUND, HACHETTE, ROSE BUD, BRIO, PRAGUE, PERFEKT, YOUTH YEARS, IADVERTI, BAZAR TALES, PETTIT PRESS, etc.). For his illustrations he received several prestigious awards. (Golden Ribbon, Trojruška, The Most Beautiful Book of Slovakia, Albatross Annual Award, etc.).
Since 2007, he works in tandem with Catalan painter Rai Escalé, with whom they create under the brand Miroir Noir.
He lives and works in Bratislava and Spain.

A young artist, student of Václav Hollar art school, who is in love with everything connected with art. In his works, she tries to transfer her own opinion and experience from life. She is just beginning to enter the great sea of active artists. In addition to a few exhibitions in workshops and atheliers, her first serious exhibition was The Sources of Inspiration in the Senate, within the former school (October 20 – December 3, 2017). When she does not create anything, she likes learning foreign languages and going to galleries.

Sandy is a figurative painter living in Germany.  Besides small series in red ink and red thread stitched on canvas, she mostly works with oil colours because of their brightness and texture. It allows her to explore strong dark and light effects and helps  to express the themes the paintings deal with. Inspired by symbolism and fascinated by paintings in a realistic manner she uses her work as a translation of thoughts into the visual world, with a very personal approach to themes such as shadow and light, gain and loss, the ambivalence in all human matters and always love – or its absence. Combining symbols with figures and putting them in relation in a realistic manner of painting, is the language she uses to create her alternate reality. To give something inner and invisible the form and manifest, if you like – its outfit in the tangible visual world.

Conceptual photographer Juliana Lauletta is interested in composing her images rather than capturing subjects as they are. Her methods characteristically involve crafting the props from scratch, arranging the elements in a meticulous designed composition and adding an element of surprise (movement, water, ink, etc). With saturated colours, high contrasts and strong textures, Lauletta’s inventiveness pictures often blur the line between photography and imagination.
Juliana is Brazilian / Italian and has a background in filmmaking. Works as a self-shooting director, designer and voice over artist with clients that range from small companies to multinational corporations. Moved to London to pursue her art career and created a group to empower emerging artists that has more than 5000 members.

Hari  is an artist born in Philippines and obtained a Degree in Fine Arts in University of the Philippines, Diliman year 2006 (Cum Laude). Hari Lualhati has worked in Manila, Hong Kong, Shenzhen China, and South Africa as a graphic artist, product designer, illustrator, and painter. Hari is now based in South Africa. Hari has received numerous awards from different international competitions, has been featured in International Magazines and newspapers and has also been on the cover of International Art Magazines.  Hari Lualhati’s artworks have been exhibited in Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Armenia, and Ukraine.
“My artworks are inspired by powerful lessons I’ve learned from life. My paintings emphasize the value of life and incorporate elements like nature and animals to show that we are all connected. As an Artist, I value the techniques that I use on my art but the most important thing for me is to paint with my heart. For me, a painting is successful if it can make anyone who would look at it feel the emotion that it’s intended to give. It is like delivering a clear message by touching the hearts of the viewers.

Lim Qi Xuan (b. 1991), better known by her moniker, QimmyShimmy, is an artist/designer from Singapore. Often exploring the tactility of flesh and the human body, she breathes life into her intimate sculptures through polymer clay.
Her works blend the hyper-realistic and surrealistic, displacing little figures next to found objects, creating a tension between the imagined and reality. Threading on the fine line between horror and beauty, her works are both repulsive and alluring.

Her paintings are tightly connected to childhood, mostly in the way that she constructs them – similary to children, she personifies things. The objects in her paintings, therefore represent living people, emotions or desires. For example, she expresses the feeling of being home through marshmallow trees and a lamp in the shape of house on the wall, these create an idea of cozy light cabin at the edge of the woods. Conversely the shiny glittering unicorn can bear the meaning of easy, superficially beautiful lies, while the old toy black horse refers to something ugly but truthful. And a view of a blue sky means unreachable happiness – although we see it, it is too difficult to reach it. Her paintings are thus charged with symbolism.

2014 – dosud Akademie Výtvarných Umění v Praze, ateliér malby
(vedoucí pedagog M. Rittstein)
2012 – 2014 Univerzita Karlova v Praze, pedagogická fakulta
2004 – 2012 Malostranské gymnázium, Praha

Exhibitions (selection) :
2017 – Výstava v Galerii infocentra Prahy 7, Praha
2016 – Absurdno #3, kavárna Prostě kafe, Praha
2016 – Absurdno #2, kavárna Kafe v kufru, Praha
2016 – Absurdno, kavárna Dobrá trafika, Praha
2013 – Barrandov, Galerie Divadla Na Prádle, Praha
2011 – Obrazy, Pitomá kavárna, Praha

Hear for Heart’s Sake, Galerie ARTERY
Atribut, Gallery Hybernská 4, Paha, 2017
ArtPrague 2017, Kafkův dům, Praha, 2017
ArtPrague 2018, Clam-Gallas Palace
Žák, Honz, Sedlo, Wojnar‘, Galerie GAVU, Praha, 2016
Přirozený svět, Pague House in Brussels, Brusel, Belgie, 2016
ArtPrague 2016, Kafkův dům, Praha
Figurama 16, Katowice, Polsko, 2016
Josefská 7, Galerie 1, Praha, 2015
Těsně vedle, Galerie Josefa Lieslera, Kadaň, 2014 Výstava v rámci festivalu Literární Vysočina, Havlíčkův Brod, 2011